Plug in Bushing

Plug in Bushing EN50180

The plug connection allows a very rapid connection of the cable to the transformer and can be touched when the transformer is under voltage. They are manufactured according to the Standards EDF HN 52 S 61 –CENELEC EN-50181-50180 – IEEE 386-1995- UTE C 66-555 – DIN 47636.
12KV 250A Interface A/24KV 250A Interface A/36KV 250A Interface B
12KV 400A Interface B/24KV 400A Interface B/36KV 400A Interface B
12KV 630A Interface C/24KV 630A Interface C/36KV 630A Interface C
36KV 630A RMU bushing
With Interface A multi contact / Interface B multi contact / Interface C threaded contact

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  • 12KV 250A L=171mm Interface A
  • 12KV 250A L=190mm Interface A
  • 12KV 250A L=224mm Interface A
  • 24KV 250A L=284mm Interface A
  • 36KV 250A L=240mm Interface B
  • 36KV 400A L=244mm Interface B
  • 36KV 400A L=310mm Interface B
  • 36KV 630A L=333mm Interface C – M16
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