Insulating Crepe Paper

(Standard & Semi-conductive Black)

Crepe Paper is used as Insulation material in Transformers to cover Copper and Aluminium conductors where flexibility is required. Crepe Paper covered conductors are flexible and can be bended up to 45*. More Transformer oil can retain under Crepe hills and that keeps the instrument cool. This Paper has 300% more strength than Kraft Paper and it can take various shapes.

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  • Standard Crepe Paper: Power & Distribution Transformers, Paper Insulated Conductors, Bushings, Power Cables
  • Semi-conductive Crepe Paper: Current Transformer (CT), Voltage Transformer (VT), Potential Transformer (PT), Power Cables

Product Range

  • Thickness range: 0.20mm - 0.65mm
  • Standard reel width: 800mm

Note: Reels can also be supplied in slitted form duly slitted as per desired width of the customer. Specific thickness can also be supplied as per require- ment of the customer

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