Transformer Cork Rubber Gaskets

Cork Rubber

  • Available in Sheets, size: 1000mm X 1000mm & 1000mm X 2000mm
  • In Rolls, size: Width 1000mm X Length 10-20 meters
  • In Strips, size: Required width X 20 meters length
  • In Gaskets for Transformer Bushings: DIN Standard LV & HV Bushings
  • Thickness: 1.50mm to 12.50mm
  • Material type: Rubber Cork (Very good oil resistant)
  • Composition: Fine Cork, NBR and fillers
  • Application: Transformer and Switchgear Industries
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General Information And Application

This material is suitable for high and medium bolt pressure with good flexibility and resilience.

The physical characteristics along with compatibility with Mineral Oil, Silicone Oil, Ester Oil & SF6 makes it a qualified material for industrial and Transformer gaskets

Tech. data for Cork Rubber Gasket

Binder NBR Test Procedure
Cork Granule Size (mm) 0.5/1 mm
Colour Natural
Maximum operating temperature in liquids 105’C
Physical Characteristics
Density(Gm/cm3) > 0.75
Hardness, Shore A 70-80 ASTM D2240
Compressibility at 400 PSI (%) 20-30 ASTM F36-88
Recovery after (%) > 80 ASTM F36-88
Tensile strength (MPa) >2.0 ASTM F152-87
Original (F5) No cracks ASTM F147-87
Volume Change After Immersion
ASTM n’ 1 Oil, 70 hrs @ 100’C (%) -10 to +10 ASTM F146
ASTM n’ 3 Oil, 70 hrs @ 100’C (%) -5 to +15 ASTM F146
ASTM Fuel A, 22 hrs @ 23’C (%) -2 to +10 ASTM F146

ASTM F 104 – 93 F226020