Continuous Transposed Conductor (CTC)

Continuously Transposed Cable (CTC) is a type of winding wires weaved by certain number of strips of enameled rectangular wires in two ranks according to special technics and wrapped by special insulation material. It is mainly used for large-scale oil-immersed power transformers, reactors and large capacity dry type transformers

CTC can improve using rate of winding space, minimize volume and reduce cost, most of all, it decline the loss of circumfluence and eddy loss caused by leaking of magnetic field and also has advantages of improving machine strength of winding and saving winding time.

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Product Type

  • PVA enameled with paper insulation CTC
  • PVA enameled over coated bondable epoxy resin with paper insulation CTC
  • PVA enameled with paper insulation hardened copper CTC
  • PVA enameled over coated bondable epoxy resin with paper insulation hardened copper CTC
  • Polyester net covered CTC
  • Polyester fiber non-weaving modified polyester enameled CTC

Manufacture Range

  • Number of strips: 5-47
  • Single dimension: thickness of conductor a: 1.00-3.15mm ; width of conductor b: 3.00-12.50mm
  • Suggested ratio of width and thickness: 2.5<b/a<7.5
  • Insulation layers: 24 layers at one time.
  • Max thickness of CTC: 80mm (excluding insulation)
  • Max width: 26mm (excluding insulation)

Wrapping paper

  • Kraft, high density paper, Polyester cloth, Polyester Fiber net bonding strand

Structure design and dimension calculation

Pitch: distance between two consecutive transposed units of CTC. Pitch of CTC and depends on the Min diameter of winding and number of strips and calculation formula as below

  • S=d×∏/n
  • S----pitch
  • d----The Min diameter of winding
  • n---number of strips

Overall dimension:

  • Simple calculated formula for dimension of CTC:
  • Thickness: H=1/2(n-1)A+ᐃ Width: W=2B+ᐃ
  • Of which, A means thickness of single conductor, B means width of single conductor
  • ᐃ means width of insulation paper