Insulating Crepe Paper Tubes

ACME supplies complete range of electrical-grade flexible crepe paper tubes for use in high voltage applications. Flexible crepe tubes offer a high rate of absorption of oil, thus ensuring higher di-electric strength compared to conventional SRBP tubes. It is available in a number of different internal diameters and wall thickness as per customer requirement.

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  • Class “A” Insulation (105°C)
  • Excellent compatibility with liquid di-electrics
  • Crepe paper allows maximum retention of oil
  • Direction of creping is transverse to tube length
  • Bendable under extreme conditions without collapsing
  • Only the edge of outer layer is bonded


  • For use in oil-filled transformers
  • Sleeves for interconnection of terminals
  • High voltage insulation of diverters


Standard tube length is 1000 & 1800mm.

Parameter Min Max Tolerance
Tube Internal Diameter (mm) 4 50 0, +0.50
Tube Wall Thickness (mm) 1 8 -0.5, +1.0
Length Of Crepe Tube (mm) 1000 1800 0, +50


  • Crepe paper tubes are packed in a sealed paper boxes, suitable for long distance transportation.