N2 Gas Equipments

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Product Group: T09

N2 gas equipment (or N2 gas sealed equipment) is an apparatus to insulation oil from oxidization by means of isolating insulationoil from atmosphere.
To attain this purpose, N2 gas is filled above insulation oil level inside the tranformer by using the N2 gas equipment. The variation of pressure level or vacuum level inside the transformer, caused by ambient temperature and/ or the load change of transformer, can be automatically controlled by the equipment.

In addition to above, the equipment is generally used as an apparatus to supply N2 gas inside the transformer tank during its transportation instead of insulation oil.


Model No. Application
T0902 N2 gas supply apparatus (Compounds gauge) for small transformer.
T0903 N2 gas equipment for transporting transformer.
T0904 N2 gas equipment for medium, large transformer.
T0906 N2 gas supply apparatus (Compound gauge) for small transformer.

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