Rubber AIR CELL for Conservator of Transformer

Rubber Air Cell is used to control the expansion and contraction of dielectric transformer oil. It isolates transformer fluid from the atmosphere, preventing air and moisture contamination. These Air Cells are available in standard sizes as well as in custom configurations to fit any transformer or conservator tank.

These Air Cells feature heavy duty rubberized- nylon construction, precision hard steel flanges and fittings. Furthermore the resistant property of product to Ozone, Insulating oils and high temperature makes it highly recommendable for use in high voltage Power & distribution Transformers

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  • Protection against water vapour.
  • Suppression of gas bubble formation in the transformer.
  • Compression of large volume.
  • Prevents corrosion
  • Cost effective.
  • Simple system.
  • No expandable parts.
  • Maintenance free & long service life.
  • Well proven.
  • Less frequent inspection.

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