Corrugated Pressboard

Corrugated boards are commonly used as oil gap insulation for transformer. Its advantage lies in easy improves the distribution of oil channels in solid insulation material, comparing with the strips radially arranged. In the oil channel of corrugated board, the solid insulation is very even. There is no surface which is perpendicular to electric field, therefore it can increase the strength of the oil channels by 15%, without losing reliability. The corrugated boards are produced by hot pressing. They have following advantages: Higher mechanical strength; Superior electric character; Stable shape and Accurate size.


  • Higher mechanical strength
  • Superior electric character
  • Stable shape
  • Accurate size
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Range of dimension and Tolerance of Corrugated Board

Dimensions Tolerances
Thickness 1.0mm ±7.5%
1.5mm ±7.5%
2.0mm ±7.5%
Width(W) ≤1250mm ±3
Heigh(H) 3.5mm-8.0 mm ±0.5
Length(L) Max. 3000mm ±50
Pitch(P) 17mm ±2.0

Main Property Standard

Property Unit Standard Value
Average Special
Moisture Content % <7.0 /
Ash Content % <0.8 /
Conductivity of aqueous Extract μs/cm <10.0 /
Yield Strength kg/cm2 >11.0 >9.0