Transformer Pressboard

Transformer Pressboards are made with high grade unbleached Sulphate wood pulp having characteristics of high mechanical strength, electrical strength, tensile strength, high elongation, low compressibility and proper bending resistance. These excellent properties make the product widely used in electrical transmission and distribution equipment like Power Transformers, Shunt Reactors and Instrument Transformers etc.

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Transformer Board IEC 60641 B.3.1 Standard Thickness and Sheet Sizes

Thickness Maximum Size Standard Size
1.5mm 6400*3200mm
2.0mm 4200*3200mm
2.5mm 3200*2200mm
3.0mm 6400*3200mm 4200*1600mm
4.0mm 4400*2260mm 3200*3200mm
5.0mm 3200*1600mm
6.0mm 4400*2260mm

Special size and thicknesses upon request.

Note: Thickness above 8mm is available in Laminated form upto 180mm thickness. Apart from above mentioned Sheet sizes 2000x1000mm & 2200x1100mm are also available.

Product features

  • High mechanical and electric strength
  • Uniform clear color
  • Uniform thickness, stable density and moisture content, good elongation and evenness.
  • Excellent flexibility, strong applicability.
  • Little shrinkage
  • The density deviation along CD direction of each single layer wet paper sheet must be controlled within the limits±1.5% comparing with the standard
  • Ability of supply 8mm Transformer Pre-compressed Pressboard continuously.

Quality features

  • The primary quality is better than standard IEC60641-3-1.
  • DCS control during producing process, to guarantee stable quality.
  • Stable and reliable Insulation component sizes.
  • Complete advanced Hi-tech testing and experimental facilities.
  • Little shrinkage
  • The whole sets of testing facilities provide support for Lab testing processes right from analysis of Fiber micro structures to pulp-beating, pressing, drying, shaping and controlling etc.

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