Paper Covered Winding Wires

Paper covered wire is a type of winding wire made by oxygen-free Copper Wire/strip or electric Aluminium Wire/strip drew or rolled by certain dimension molds/dies and then covered by certain insulation material. It is mainly used for oil immersed Transformer, Reactor, Generator and other electric devices.

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Product Range

  • Paper covered rectangular Copper/Aluminium wires
  • Paper covered round Copper/Aluminium wires
  • Paper covered rectangular hardened Copper wires
  • Special insulation material wrapped rectangular Copper/Aluminium wires
  • Copper/Aluminium combination wires
  • PVA enameled epoxy combination wires
  • Special insulation material covered combination wires.

Size Range

  • Copper/Aluminium conductor of paper covered rectangular wires
    Thickness a: 1.00mm---10.00mm
    Width b: 3.00mm---25.00mm
  • Copper/Aluminium conductor of paper covered round wires 3.00mm≤d≤6.00mm
  • Copper/Aluminium conductor of combination wires
    Thickness a: 1.00mm---4.00mm
    Width b: 5.00mm---20.00mm
  • Hardened rectangular Copper conductor
    Thickness a: 1.00mm---2.50mm
    Width b: 5.00mm---15.00mm
  • PVA epoxy enameled wires
    Thickness a: 1.00mm---2.50mm
    Width b: 5.00mm---15.00mm

Wrapped Insulation Materials

  • Kraft paper, high-density paper, thermally upgraded paper

Structure Design

  • Combination wire can be made by 2 or more rectangular conductors overlapping in width or thickness. It can be divided into flat-overlapping, side-by-side overlapping and solid overlapping according to type of combination and covering.

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