Thermally upgraded Tertrans T

Calendered paper and thermally upgraded paper are two dierent qualities of the paper. Upgrading is achieved by adding nitrogen to the paper pulp. Nitrogen replaces the oxygen which otherwise oxidizes and ages the paper at high temperature.

We also offer ready stock Tervakoski, Finland make Thermally Upgraded Kraft Insulating paper with brand name Tertrans T


  • Coil winding, barrier, core & layer insulation in transformers. It is also used in motors and other electrical applications where high dielectric and physical strength are required.

Standard Thickness available

  • 50 microns, 63 microns, 75 microns

Standard Roll Width

  • 500mm, 1000mm
  • Note: Reels can also be supplied in slitted form duly slitted as per desired width of the customer. Specic thickness can also be supplied as per requirement of the customer.